Parking – Where Should I Park?

When you invite 5,000 plus members of your family home for the holidays, it is hard to get them all parked on the front lawn. So yes, on Thanksgiving Morning there will be a few traffic challenges. However, if you are smart and “in the know,” you can avoid a lot of the issues. First, study the map and notice where the designated parking areas are. The most common way for runners to arrive is to approach SouthWood from the North on Capital Circle and then turn left onto Merchants Row and park in Lot 1. Unless you are early, you will probably have to wait in line for this lot. So, study the map and look for alternatives. For example, continue past Merchants Row and turn on Shumard Oak Blvd. You can access parking Lot 1 from this direction too. Or you can follow the guides and park in Lot 2. The fastest way to get parked though is to head straight for Lot 3. It is large and accessible from Tram Road and Capital Circle. And please, be kind to the volunteers, mostly from the Northside Kiwanis Club, helping to park cars. They are giving up their Thanksgiving morning for you.